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Image gallery overview

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Droppics is the easiest image and gallery manager for Joomla. No more need to go in the component and go back in the article, you just need to create a gallery (1 click), drag and drop pictures (1 click) from the article editor, and insert (1 click). As Droppics is fully managed from your editor, it works both frontend and backend in the same way.

This extension is really easy for beginners to manage galleries and single picture: generate a custom sized image in one clic, create automatically a custom slideshow, apply amazing effects on image and galleries.

Requirements: PHP 5.3+, MySQL 5+, Joomla 2.5.6 at least, all modern browser, IE9+ in the backend.

Main advantages
  • Create a gallery with lightbox in 3 clics
  • Use Droppics only from the text editor
  • Lightbox effect without any activation
  • AJAX multi upload
  • Auto thumbnails
  • Display customization without css
  • Regenerate images from original image
  • Themes are expendable (slideshow, masonry, polaroid...)
  • Iphone, Ipad, Android compatible
  • Easily order images with drag and drop
  • Joomla 2.5 & 3.x

Droppics is the most advanced and easiest Jomla image gallery ever created.

Manage galleries and themes


  All your gallery and image content managed from your editor!


  Multi-level gallery with drag'n drop ordering and frontend AJAX navigation


  Sub-galleries with AJAX navigation - display can be disabled in each gallery


  Masonry responsive theme - Dag'n drop image oragnization, define unit size


  Polaroid theme with sub-gallery


  Heapshot theme with animation


  Custom slideshow theme: thumbnail, auto size fit,... check this slideshow!

custom slideshow fronent

  A frontend custom slideshow example



Single image edition


  Dynamic single image edition, AJAX saving: border, shadow link, size,...


  Add an image link to Joomla article, menu, external URL or lightbox in 2 clics


  Link an image to a menu with dynamic selection


  Image drag'n drop: organize image without saving anything!


  Image displayed in your editor like any other image but added in 3 clics


  Manipulate images (crop, rotate,...) and apply effects (sepia, saturation,...)


  Image multi-selection to remove image faster


  ACL management to give access and edit to own/all galleries


Joomla image gallery manager


Joomla single image manager

Features & integration

Main features and 3rd party integration

K2 Logo

Dedicated K2 plugin

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Language available


Additional themes


Third party plugin

  • Manage gallery or one single image
  • Add custom image size from original picture
  • Multiple gallery levels
  • Online image edition and effect
  • AJAX navigation through gallery levels
  • Add links to menu items or Joomla article
  • 6 amazing images and gallery themes
  • Add custom external link on an image
  • Different theme possible in each image gallery
  • HTML5 fast uploader (firefox, chrome, IE10)
  • Image ordering with drag'n drop
  • Apply border, border radius, box shadow
  • Joomla native ACL to limit access to images
  • Single image alignment
  • 1 advanced slideshow theme with custom text area
  • SEO: define a cutom file name, title alt
  • Auto thumbnails with a predefined size
  • Images are materialized in your editor

Extension prices

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  • Direct download
  • Personal ticket system
  • 6 month update
  • Documentation support
  • Compatibility J2.5, 3.x

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Theme & effects pack

  • Direct download
  • 6 month support
  • 6 month update
  • Personal ticket system
  • Compatibility J2.5, 3.x

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Droppics + Themes

  • Direct download
  • 6 month support
  • 6 month update
  • Personal ticket system
  • Compatibility J2.5, 3.x

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