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File manager overview

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Get the most powerful and easiest file manager for Joomla. Manage all your files and categories from your favorite editor. Create a file category, drag'n drop your files then insert category or a single file directly in your article. Dropfiles brings you a lot of professional features to manage files: 1 click ordering, 4 responsive themes, AJAX backend and frontend navigation, SEO file URL, file backup and much more!
Using it with file restriction access? Native Joomla access level can be applied in one click. Working in all editors, backend and frontend. Perfect to work fast. Easy for final users.

Want more? manage Google Drive files in the same way, connect Joomla with the cloud!

Requirements: PHP 5.2+, Joomla 2.5.6/3.x, all modern browser, IE9+ for backend features.

Main advantages
  • Add a file in 3 click from editor
  • Amazing Google Drive integration
  • 4 responsive theme with icons
  • Use Dropfiles only from any text editor
  • File and category AJAX ordering
  • Display customization without css
  • Update files in one click
  • HTML5 multi uploader
  • Advanced ACL and SEO optimized
  • Import existing files from your server
  • Easy to create your own theme

New in Dropfiles 2: Google Drive intagration with double way sync.

File manager screenshots


  Manage nested categories, files and theme from your editor in one single view


  Drag'n drop ordering on backend and frontend


  One click single file edition and insertion in article


  Default theme with AJAX navigation through category in frontend 


  Tree theme: display files in a minimal space


  GDD (Google drive) theme, classic folder with AJAX navigation


  Table theme with column display option


  Single file added in an article, it takes automatically the category theme design


  Single file and file category materialized in your editor


  Column display in backend file manager


  File ordering tool by clicking on column title or using category params


  Frontend default theme


  Goolge Drive integration with double direction sync


  Upload files directly on your website using Google Drive sync software (from desktop)


  File descrition, title, version is sync in Google Drive


  ACL can be applied by group and action (access to category, edit own files,...)


  Global parameters


  Google Drive document preview


  File importer: browse FTP and import any file from any folder or from another other file manager


File management video demo

Features & integration

Main features and 3rd party integration


K2 Logo

Dedicated K2 plugin

transifex logo

Language available


Additional themes


Third party plugin


Joomla <> Google Drive integration

  • Manage files and categories of files from article
  • 4 nice and responsive themes and icons
  • Sync and display files from Google Drive
  • Files and categories are materialized in your article
  • Apply a theme per category of files
  • Drag'n drop to organize files and categories
  • Nested categories
  • HTML5 fast uploader
  • File history: keep old file version
  • K2 dedicated intagration
  • Order files by type, date, size, version, hits,...
  • Google drive file preview
  • Advanced access restriction (frontend and backend)
  • Files and categories designed with themes
  • Compact interface and category accordion
  • SEO file URL with prefix configuration
  • Dedicated Joomla search plugin
  • Column display filter (hide/display column)

Extension prices

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Dropfiles only

  • Direct download
  • Personal ticket system
  • 6 month update
  • Documentation support
  • Compatibility J2.5, 3.x

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Dropfiles Theme

  • Direct download
  • 6 month support
  • 6 month update
  • Personal ticket system
  • Compatibility J2.5, 3.x

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Dropfiles + Themes

  • Direct download
  • 6 month support
  • 6 month update
  • Personal ticket system
  • Compatibility J2.5, 3.x

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