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Get the most easy to use file manager for WordPress

File manager overview

Get the easiest file manager for WordPress. Manage all your files and categories of files from your editor. All editor are supported, inside page, post, widget, custom post type,... Create a file category, drag'n drop your files then insert a file category or a single file directly in your content. Dropfiles brings you a lot of professional features to manage files: 1 click ordering, 4 responsive themes, AJAX public side navigation.
WP File download works in the same way as the Wordpress media manager so you won't be lost!

Native WordPress user role can restrict the access on the category of files in one click. Working in all editors, backend and frontend. Perfect to work fast. Easy for final users.

Requirements: PHP 5.3+, WordPress 3.8+, all modern browser for admin side.

Main advantages
  • Add a file in 3 click from editor
  • 4 responsive themes with icons
  • Files AJAX ordering and saving
  • Category, sub category AJAX ordering
  • Use Dropfiles from any text editor
  • Theme display paramaters
  • Update files in one click
  • HTML5 multi uploader
  • Apply WordPress user roles
  • Import existing files from your server
  • Easy to create your own theme

Stop manage files using complex plugin and get the best and easy to use Wordpress files manager.

WP File download screenshots


  Main file management interface, can be loaded from left admin menu or from any editor


  Drag'n drop files to organize them inside a category


  Darg'n drop to organize and define category levels


  Default theme and icon set, each information can be display/hidden in parameters


  GDD, the Google Drive like theme with AJAX navigation through categories


  Tree theme, the perfect theme to display a large amount of files


  Single file edition: insert, update manage single file in the same way as a category of files


  Table theme with display/hide column tool


  How your categories and a single files will be displayed in your editor


  Themes and global plugin parameters


File management video demo


WP File download features and parameters
  • Manage files and categories of files from editor
  • 4 nice and responsive themes and icons
  • Drag'n drop files to organize them
  • Files and categories are materialized in your article
  • Drag'n drop categories like WordPress menus
  • Set user role by category to show/hide files
  • Nested categories
  • HTML5 fast uploader
  • Frontend AJAX navigation
  • Add a file in 3 click
  • Display customization without css
  • Update existing file in one click
  • File download count
  • Iphone, Ipad, Android compatible
  • Table theme with display columns filter
  • Define the max upload file size

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  • Compatibility WP 3.8+/4.0

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