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  • Droppics

    Droppics introduce an easy way to manage gallery and images in Joomla. Everything is managed from your editor: multi-level galleries, themes, single images, image effects...

    A new style gallery for joomla
  • Dropfiles

    Dropfiles brings a new way to manage files and documents in Joomla. Manage files and categories of files from editor with a full AJAX Ux + a Google Drive integration!

    A new style file manager for joomla
  • SEO Glossary

    Get the most advanced glossary for joomla. With SEO Glossary it's easy to define one or billions of terms in your joomla content.

    SEO friendly links made easy
  • Social Backlinks

    Social Backlinks component is compatible with Joomla 2.5 & 3.x and allows you to feed all the social networks with your content!

    Connect Joomla to Social Networks
  • Team chart

    Team chart is a flow chart manager for Joomla. This unique extension allows you to build a team chart using drag'n drop with responsive design themes included.

    The only flow chart manager for Joomla
  • Tag Transform

    Display Joomla tags in various and nice ways. Flat, 3D cloud, accordion menu with levels. Compatible with K2 and easy blog tags.

    Display Joomla tags the way you want
  • Linky Map

    Get the most advanced extension to display SVG customized maps from the Google Geochart Api.

    Locate all your favorite places
  • My Maps location

    Get the most advanced extension to search and display your locations with tons of features.

    Locate all your favorite places
  • Sponsorship Reward

    Sponsorship Reward allow your users to send registration invitation to their contact, and to be rewarded both.

    Increase automatically your community

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