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Tag transform overview

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Tag transform is a unique extension to display your Joomla native tags in a nice way. Since Joomla 3.1, the tagging system enhance the content management in Joomla. All your articles can have tags and then create a semantic link with all tagged content.

But how about automatically adding your tag in a module and display tags in various way? Tag transform module allows you to display your tag as a menu, drop down accordion because tags got levels in Joomla, drop down list, flat view and 3D view. Everything is coming with nice designed themes inside and a lot of custom display options.

All the view, including the 3D view is built with javascript, without flash so it fully mobile compatible.

Create your tags, configure the Tag Transform module and display tags the way you want. The Joomla tags extension to have!

Main advantages:
  • Display as menu with 3 styles
  • Reflect the tag levels in menu
  • Display the tag total number
  • Display as a module
  • Flat view with only CSS (light)
  • Dropdown list selection
  • Limit the number of tags
  • Display as 3D cloud
  • Easy parameters
  • Respect the Joomla native tag system
  • Compatible with K2 an Easy blog

Joomla tag module screenshots


  Using Joomla native tag system


  Display automatically tags as an accordion menu, here with the default theme


  Display as an accordion menu with a iOS theme​


  Display as an accordion menu with a flat design theme


  Flat tag view using only css (light)


  Dropdown list or 3D cloud view


  Each view have it's own configuration tab


  Each view have it's own configuration tab


Joomla tag module video demo


Main features and 3rd party integration


K2 Logo

Works with K2

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Language available


Inbuilt themes


Third party plugin

  • Use one or several modules
  • Use the default Joomla tag system
  • Respect the tag levels
  • Limit the number of tag
  • Display the tag number
  • Respect the Joomla tag list view
  • Choose the font size in flat view
  • Choose the color with color picker
  • Quick access to your content with dropdown list
  • 3D view with transition effects
  • Zoom with mouse on 3D view
  • 3D speed configuration

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