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<i>Today, only Admin user can access statistics.</i><b>今天,只有管理员用户才能访问统计信息。</b> <i>It will be a good thing to permit other user roles to access statistics (For example, I would like to give access to statistic to Editor Role) TRhis could be done in the User roles panel of the plugin (a...</i><b>允许其他用户角色访问统计信息是一件好事(例如,我想将统计信息授予编辑者角色)TRhis可以在插件的“用户角色”面板中完成(...</b>
<i>A search function to select multiple categories in the UI (just one at present) would be an obvious improvement.</i><b>一种用于在UI中选择多个类别(目前只有一个)的搜索功能将是一项明显的改进。</b> <i>thanks, Nicko...</i><b>谢谢,尼克...</b>
2 )是否可以对WP File Download进行编程,以便我们的用户在网站上上传的文件(通常转到WordP ...
<i>I want to use your plugin on client sites but I don't want them to have to set up apps for each cloud service.</i><b>我想在客户端站点上使用您的插件,但我不希望他们为每个云服务设置应用程序。</b> <i>Does your plugin support setting up one app for each cloud service (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.) so that external users (clients) can sy...</i><b>您的插件是否支持为每个云服务(Google云端硬盘,Dropbox等)设置一个应用程序,以便外部用户(客户端)可以...</b>
<i>Hi, we would need to have the Exclude File Extension field in the backend.</i><b>嗨,我们需要在后端具有“排除文件扩展名”字段。</b> <i>We want the user to be able to upload any and every kind of extension... Inclduding every extension name in the world is simply not feasible in the "Include File Extensio...</i><b>我们希望用户能够上载任何扩展名...在“包含文件扩展名...”中添加世界上每个扩展名根本是不可行的。</b>
<i>hi.</i><b>你好</b><i>is it possible remove first vote in the rating that admin add that?</i><b>是否有可能在管理员添加的评分中删除第一票?</b> <i>because first score by admin effected on total score.</i><b>因为管理员的第一分会影响总分。</b> <i>is it possible to disable that or effect of that on the total score?</i><b>是否可以禁用该分数或对该分数的影响?</b> <i>more describe: my mean is first admin vote in the bac...</i><b>详细描述:我的意思是在bac中首先进行管理员投票。</b>
我尝试在joomla 3.29上安装dropeditor ,它给了我504网关超时...
<i>We have an all volunteer organization.</i><b>我们有一个全志愿组织。</b> <i>One of our group has made a number of PDFs and PowerPoint presentations that are stored in his personal DropBox account.</i><b>我们的一个小组做了许多PDF和PowerPoint演示文稿,这些演示文稿存储在他的个人DropBox帐户中。</b> <i>These files are updated periodically.</i><b>这些文件会定期更新。</b> <i>We have a Joomla website and are interested in a way...</i><b>我们有一个Joomla网站,并且对某种方式感兴趣...</b>
<i>Hi, From DropFiles admin back-end, could be very helpful if we can see/open a file without downloading it See attached file.</i><b>嗨,从DropFiles管理员后端,如果我们可以查看/打开文件而无需下载文件,则可能会非常有用。请参阅附件。</b> <i>Thanks L....</i><b>谢谢L ....</b>
请这样做,以便您也可以从Cloud Storage跟踪统计信息。...
<i>Hello, I am looking for a solution that would allow me to have a OneDrive synced folder (or any supported cloud service) in my personal filesystem.</i><b>您好,我正在寻找一种解决方案,使我的个人文件系统中具有OneDrive同步文件夹(或任何受支持的云服务)。</b> <i>It would be set up like "Folder/Subfolder/filename" and I want that to synchronize with a...</i><b>它会像“文件夹/子文件夹/文件名”那样设置,我希望它与...同步。</b>
<i>Hello, Would be great to have a built in contact form for users to send emails to an email address contact.</i><b>您好,如果有一个内置的联系表单,供用户向电子邮件地址联系人发送电子邮件,那将是很棒的。</b> <i>An option to send a message to the location email address using the site's email function behind the scenes would be great.</i><b>在后台使用站点的电子邮件功能将消息发送到位置电子邮件地址的方法非常有用。</b> <i>At the moment ...</i><b>在这一刻 ...</b>
<i>Hi, I have a license for file download and I love it.</i><b>嗨,我有文件下载许可证,我喜欢。</b> <i>I want to offer my visitors downloads.</i><b>我想为访客提供下载。</b> <i>I am using restricted content pro for memberships and divi as a theme.</i><b>我正在使用受限内容专业版作为会员资格和divi主题。</b> <i>I am not sure how to build a download site similar to stockagencies.</i><b>我不确定如何建立类似于库存的下载站点。</b> <i>any ideas?</i><b>有任何想法吗?</b> <i>My f...</i><b>我的...</b>
HI发表a) joomla短文章类别A => twitter,b)较长的文章, joomla类别B => facebook ...
<i>Possibility to turn off Open Graph tag if someone already usa another plugin to do that.</i><b>如果有人已经使用另一个插件来关闭Open Graph标签,则可以关闭它。</b> <i>Thanks...</i><b>谢谢...</b>
<i>Hi, I just bought the WP team display module for wordpress .</i><b>嗨,我刚买了WP team display的wordpress WP team display模块。</b> <i>Can we have a theme without pictures?</i><b>我们可以有没有图片的主题吗?</b> <i>a waiting for your answer best regards, NR...</i><b>恭喜您,NR ...</b>
嗨1 /我将发表许多文章,但并不是所有文章都会对发布有用,如果条件为真(例如,自定义字段或其他条件),我们是否可以授权自动发布2 /您是否集成了使之成为可能的代码分配...