WordPress Server Folders: Import & Synchronize

Import Files and Folder Structure

Have you ever tried to send files through FTP in WordPress media /uploads folder? it simply does not work 🙂

To import a massive amount of images from a server folder in the native WordPress media manager you can now use WP Media folder. From the plugin settings, select a folder and/or a subfolder, click on import, it’s done! The tool will import:

  • All media handled by WordPress (image, pdf, zip…)
  • Server folder names
  • Server folder structure
  • The importer will handle duplicate files in case of multiple imports


Synchronize Server Folders with WordPress Media Folders

WP Media folder includes a feature to make an automatic synchronization between WordPress Media Folder (folders created using WP Media folder) and physical server folders. For what purpose? it may be helpful in case you’re using a 3rd party plugin that manage media outside of the WordPress media manager or simply if you’re using another CMS.

Select the folder synchronization options:


And it’s very flexible, select the server folder (the source) and the WP Media folder (the destination), the synchronization delay and you’re done! Of course you can do that with several folders (folder list is at the bottom).


2 Way Synchronization

The media synchronization can also be done in the other way, from WordPress media manager to an external folder. This is pretty useful to share media with another plugin or CMS that is using a folder outside the default WordPress one: “/uploads”