WP Media Folder Gallery Addon

The WP Media Folder Gallery Addon brings a real image gallery management to WordPress. Besides the WP Media folder plugin features you’ll get the possibility to create image galleries from existing folders and more.

WordPress Galleries from Folders

WP Media Folder Gallery Addon is the fastest way to create galleries and sub-galleries in no time. In one click:

  • Import folders with their images and transform them into galleries
  • Batch apply a theme on imported galleries
  • Import Galleries that respect folder levels
  • It’s super light! On import existing images are assigned to multiple folders, not duplicated

Manage Galleries from Content

WP Media Folder Gallery Addon is unique solution because you can manage all galleries from your text editor, with a single button. Stop losing time by creating and editing galleries from 2 or 3 different places all over your WordPress admin.

Gallery Navigation and Tag Filtering

For image ordering and navigation, you got a double possibility: Navigate through multilevel galleries using a folder tree or use image tags. Furthermore, several tags can can added to your images, you can then use them as AJAX filtering system.

7 Themes Included for your Galleries

Default theme. A classic gallery theme with picture navigation and full width layout.

Slider theme. A multi-column responsive image slider with caption on hover

Masonry theme. The classic and efficient masonry image wall. The image tag filtering has been activated here.

Portfolio theme. An enhancement of the default WordPress gallery with image, title, description and mouse hover effect

Flowslide theme. A 3D image slider

Square Grid: A declinaison of the masonry wall with a mouse hover effect

Material: Material design gallery style