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<i>Dear JoomUnited, I want to sync my server folder, with one category in WP File Download .</i><b>尊敬的JoomUnited,我想將我的服務器文件夾與WP File Download一個類別同步。</b> <i>I think it is possible to do.</i><b>我認為有可能做到。</b> <i>I found the File importer option in your plugin it would done the job.</i><b>我發現插件中的File importer選項可以完成這項工作。</b> <i>But, I have to call it manually every time you need...</i><b>但是,我必須在每次需要時手動調用它...</b>
<i>Feature request: Add an “All Categories” button to the Category tree.</i><b>功能要求:在“類別”樹中添加“所有類別”按鈕。</b> <i>This would make browsing files much easier as I could see ALL files in one quick view rather than doing a search for “All Categories”.</i><b>這將使瀏覽文件更加容易,因為我可以在一個快速視圖中看到所有文件,而不是搜索“所有類別”。</b> <i>Feature request: Add Publication Date, Pu...</i><b>功能要求:添加出版日期,出版...</b>
<i>Hello, I have to mention some things that are a little anoying while working with Dropfiles at the backend: [*] Categoriy display the categories on the left side should be minimized when entering the backend.</i><b>您好,我不得不提到一些在後端使用Dropfiles時有些煩惱的事情:[*]類別顯示在進入後端時應最小化左側的類別。</b> <i>With maybe an option in the setti...</i><b>也許可以選擇...</b>
<i>Hi, Can you please make a screen option to display a widget for WP Latest Post on all pages in edit mode.</i><b>嗨,您能不能選擇一個屏幕選項,以在編輯模式下的所有頁面上顯示WP Latest Post的小部件。</b> <i>When I want to add a new page to a post block, I have to open the WP Latest Post admin page, then include any new pages.</i><b>當我想將新頁面添加到帖子塊時,我必須打開WP Latest Post管理頁面,然後包括所有新頁面。</b> <i>Can you make a littl...</i><b>你能打個小...</b>
我希望類別能夠使用多個主題,以便可以在不同地方以不同方式顯示它。 包含主題選項以限制顯示的文件數量也將很有用。 如果那可能會導致...
<i>Can you please add a default alpha numeric sort order sort order for categories instead of manually having to drag and drop?</i><b>您能否為類別添加默認的字母數字排序順序排序順序,而不必手動拖放?</b> <i>see attached......</i><b>見附件......</b>
<i>Hey!</i><b>嘿!</b> <i>We have bought a subscription plan for your plugin but we have one question.</i><b>我們已經為您的插件購買了訂閱計劃,但是有一個問題。</b> <i>Is it actually possible for user (visitor that do not have an access to the administration panel) to choose between two category view themes by clicking buttons (...</i><b>用戶(無法訪問管理面板的訪問者)實際上是否可以通過單擊按鈕(...來在兩個類別視圖主題之間進行選擇)?</b>
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