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標記為“糟糕”的討論! 那是一個錯誤

<i>Hi all, one big problem: after update to current version it's not possible to save any data in tables.</i><b>大家好,一個大問題:更新到當前版本後,無法在表中保存任何數據。</b> <i>I get all time "error."-,message.</i><b>我得到所有的時間“錯誤。”,消息。</b> <i>It's possible to create new tables with upload vom excel-file and save one time.</i><b>可以使用上載vom excel-file創建新表並節省一次。</b> <i>But after modify ...</i><b>但是修改後...</b>
<i>When the plugin is activated my editor becomes inoperable.</i><b>激活插件後,我的編輯器將無法使用。</b> <i>All the advanced Gutenberg elements are pushed far over to the left of the page.</i><b>所有advanced Gutenberg元素都被推到頁面左側。</b> <i>The content gets cut off and is impossible to see or edit.</i><b>內容被截斷,無法查看或編輯。</b> <i>I tried changing the layout widths and it does i...</i><b>我嘗試更改佈局寬度,但確實...</b>
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