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<i>As a small agency, we're excited about the possibility of porting our WordPress SEO management from other plugins to WP Meta SEO .</i><b>作為一家小型代理商,我們很高興將WordPress SEO管理從其他插件移植到WP Meta SEO的可能性。</b> <i>We're especially attracted to the bulk editor.</i><b>我們尤其被批量編輯器所吸引。</b> <i>However, the current implementation of the bulk editor leaves somewhat...</i><b>但是,批量編輯器的當前實現仍然有些不足...</b>
<i>Update "Download" button to "View Page / Visit Site / ect" for external resources that lead to valid URLs.</i><b>將“下載”按鈕更新為“查看頁面/訪問站點/等等”,以獲取指向有效URL的外部資源。</b> <i>For example, an external resource is entered into WPFD with the following: Title: Zapier API Documentation Type: Ext...</i><b>例如,使用以下內容將外部資源輸入WPFD:標題:Zapier API文檔類型:Ext ...</b>
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