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<i>Hello, I have installed your plugin recently and I can see that the main panel is only available to the admin user role.</i><b>您好,我最近安裝了您的插件,可以看到只有管理員用戶角色才能使用主面板。</b> <i>I am ideally looking to have a separate user account to handle anything related to SEO, with access to the WP Meta SEO panel a...</i><b>理想情況下,我希望擁有一個單獨的用戶帳戶來處理與SEO相關的任何事情,並可以訪問WP Meta SEO面板...</b>
媒體替換是一個很棒的功能,但是請檢查它,或者至少選擇一個要求它來檢查WordPress功能。 如果用戶沒有編輯媒體的能力,則他們也將無法替換它。 現在,如果...
<i>Hi, I know how to manage the Visibility of a whole category limiting it only to certain user roles.</i><b>嗨,我知道如何管理整個類別的可見性,僅將其限制為某些用戶角色。</b> <i>Is it possible to show the files titles/description to all visitors but the download link only to logged-in users?</i><b>是否可以向所有訪問者顯示文件標題/描述,但僅向登錄用戶顯示下載鏈接?</b> <i>What I would like to reach is...</i><b>我想達到的是...</b>
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