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<i>Surely there's a better way to handle grouping, sorting & organizing when there are lots of galleries?</i><b>當畫廊很多時,當然有更好的方法來處理分組,排序和組織了嗎?</b> <i>Yes, there's 'drag & drop' etc. and I suppose for normal people that's fine, but I've got over 700 galleries to manage and drag & d...</i><b>是的,有“拖放”等功能,我想對於普通人來說還可以,但是我有700個以上的畫廊可以管理和拖放...</b>
<i>Hey JoomUnited, first of all your Plugin is one of the best visual looking download manager out there i found and most importen easy to use and to understand.</i><b>嗨,JoomUnited,首先,您的插件是我發現的最佳視覺外觀下載管理器之一,它最易於使用和理解。</b> <i>It seems to me that your plugin creates its own folder for the files.</i><b>在我看來,您的插件為文件創建了自己的文件夾。</b> <i>However, i have ...</i><b>但是,我有...</b>
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