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<i>Hi, I have some pre-sale questions.</i><b>嗨,我有一些售前問題。</b> <i>I have a client who has a cleaning and property maintenance company.</i><b>我有一個擁有清潔和財產維護公司的客戶。</b> <i>He wants to achieve the following: 1. Be able to easily upload maintenance images, documents and videos through the backend 2 .</i><b>他希望實現以下目標:1.能夠輕鬆地通過後端2上傳維護圖像,文檔和視頻。</b> <i>Allow e...</i><b>允許...</b>
<i>Hello, i would like to know if it is possible to create customs User Groups, which then can be granted access to the Categories?</i><b>您好,我想知道是否可以創建海關用戶組,然後可以授予這些用戶訪問類別的權限?</b> <i>Example: User Group 1 (Company 1, Seller, Read only) User Group 2 (Customer 2 , Seller, Read only) User Group 3 ...</i><b>示例:用戶組1(公司1,賣方,只讀)用戶組2 (客戶2 ,賣方,只讀)用戶組3 ...</b>
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