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<i>Hi there, I'm looking at upgrading to PRO+ addons.</i><b>嗨,我在看升級到PRO +插件。</b> <i>My question is this: with the external storage ability, does this remove file size limitations (or at least increase them)?</i><b>我的問題是:借助外部存儲功能,這是否消除了文件大小限制(或至少增加了限制)?</b> <i>Are users forced to have a google drive account?</i><b>用戶是否被迫擁有Google雲端硬盤帳戶?</b> <i>Thank you so much for ...</i><b>非常感謝您...</b>
<i>Hi, Before purchase the WP File Download plugin, I have just one question to be sure;</i><b>嗨,在購買WP File Download插件之前,請確定我只有一個問題。</b> <i>I would need to upload very large files (eg 500 MB).</i><b>我需要上傳非常大的文件(例如500 MB)。</b> <i>Would it be really possible with your plugin, even if php file size limit is about 20-30 MB?</i><b>即使php文件大小限制約為20-30 MB,您的插件真的有可能嗎?</b> <i>I'm worri...</i><b>我很擔心</b>
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