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嗨,您的插件是否帶有該插件:https:// wordpress .org / plugins / wp-media-folders / a)可以將位於以下位置的所有文件的新自定義“物理”路徑設置為“ / Upload / Hotels /”一次批量上傳媒體文件嗎?
<i>Hi team, We have asked for few months ago regarding to the upload tool, we would like to know if there is any road map to enhance the system to allow bulk upload?</i><b>嗨,您好!幾個月前,我們已經詢問有關上傳工具的問題,我們想知道是否有任何路線圖可以增強系統以允許批量上傳?</b> <i>Our situation is that there are certain categories with same set of documents, us...</i><b>我們的情況是,某些類別的文檔集相同,例如...</b>
<i>Adding restriction of download to registered users only.</i><b>僅對註冊用戶添加下載限制。</b> <i>it can be a specific folder, files or restriction for any content.</i><b>它可以是特定的文件夾,文件或任何內容的限制。</b> <i>users are registered with email and pass only.</i><b>用戶已通過電子郵件註冊並僅通過。</b> <i>approval for registration is sent to email first.</i><b>註冊批准將首先發送至電子郵件。</b> <i>Thanks...</i><b>謝謝...</b>
<i>Hi, especially when we do an import from other sources (DocMan...), we have a lot of categories that we need then to update one by one for the access rights notably.</i><b>嗨,特別是當我們從其他來源(DocMan ...)進行導入時,我們需要很多類別,然後需要對它們進行逐一更新以顯著提高訪問權限。</b> <i>And the the sub-categories do not inherit well from the parent categories, so we...</i><b>而且子類別不能很好地繼承父類別,因此我們...</b>
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