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<i>I just bought your WP Media Folder Extension (and all other plugins as a bundle ).</i><b>我剛剛購買了WP Media Folder Extension(以及所有其他插件作為bundle )。</b> <i>But I am a bit disappointed now or I understand something wrong.</i><b>但是我現在有點失望,或者我了解一些錯誤。</b> <i>My basic need was to import perfect prepared images with correct titles AND THE ALT-TEXT, that wordpres...</i><b>我的基本需求是導入帶有正確標題和ALT-TEXT的完美準備圖像,即單詞呈現...</b>
<i>Simple question: What does Image Compression Quota mean?</i><b>一個簡單的問題:圖像壓縮配額是什麼意思?</b> <i>What effect does is have?</i><b>有什麼作用?</b> <i>Quota per what?</i><b>配額多少?</b> <i>Day/week/month?</i><b>天/週/月?</b> <i>Can you please clarify.</i><b>能否請您澄清一下。</b> <i>It's important for me to decide what plan to buy.</i><b>對我來說,決定購買什麼計劃很重要。</b> <i>Best Regards Thomas...</i><b>最好的問候托馬斯...</b>
<i>Hi, There is a problem when we want to resize an image on Chrome.</i><b>嗨,我們要在Chrome上調整圖像大小時出現問題。</b> <i>The corners don't appear when we select the image.</i><b>選擇圖像時,角不會出現。</b> <i>I send two images to see the diffrence between Chrome and Firefox.</i><b>我發送了兩個圖像,以查看Chrome和Firefox之間的區別。</b> <i>Thanks,...</i><b>謝謝,...</b>
<i>Hi!</i><b>嗨!</b> <i>I am considering buying a plugin and using it as a media center for files and integration with One Drive or Google Drive.</i><b>我正在考慮購買一個插件,並將其用作文件中心和與One Drive或Google Drive集成的媒體中心。</b> <i>I have a question before buying.</i><b>購買前我有一個問題。</b> <i>We need the module to generate a preview instead of icons for .pdf files and photos....</i><b>我們需要模塊來生成預覽,而不是.pdf文件和照片的圖標...。</b>
1.我從Google雲端硬盤文件夾(不導入到WP)中使用的圖像是否具有Wordpress URL或Google URL? 2.如果我將當前的WP圖像移動到Google D ...
<i>Hey, apparently on the latest update a feature was implemented to exclude single images by their selector.</i><b>嘿,顯然是在最新更新中,實現了一項功能,以通過其選擇器排除單個圖像。</b> <i>Any hint how this is being done?</i><b>任何提示如何完成的?</b> <i>Syntax?</i><b>句法?</b> <i>Should I write the selector in the same spot, where I exclude pages?</i><b>我應該在排除頁面的同一位置編寫選擇器嗎?</b> <i>I am not interested in exc...</i><b>我對...不感興趣</b>
<i>Hello, I'm using a wordpress with the WP Media Folder plugin.</i><b>您好,我在WP Media Folder插件中使用wordpress 。</b> <i>It's working really nice, except for one thing.</i><b>除了一件事,它的工作真的很好。</b> <i>I recently changed the Wordpress image compression function, in order to have a better image quality (i'm compressing them by myself)....</i><b>我最近更改了Wordpress圖像壓縮功能,以便獲得更好的圖像質量(我自己壓縮它們)...。</b>
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