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<i>Hello, Am look a component like yours but with the option of the front end user to export the table.</i><b>您好,我看起來像您一樣的組件,但前端用戶可以選擇導出表。</b> <i>Is it possible a customization of this features ?</i><b>是否可以對此功能進行自定義?</b> <i>or if there is another way example if the files is saved in a folder I can add a link ?</i><b>還是如果有另外一種方式將文件保存在文件夾中,我可以添加鏈接嗎?</b> <i>please a...</i><b>請...</b>
單擊地圖下方的區域而不是邊欄時,是否可以放置結果信息? 就像他們在此頁面上一樣:https://www.usailighting.com/find-a-usai-sales-representative ...
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