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<i>We installed and configured WP File Download and generated/integrated a [wpfd_upload] shortcode, but nothing is displayed on the front end.</i><b>我們安裝並配置了WP File Download並生成/集成了[wpfd_upload]短代碼,但前端未顯示任何內容。</b> <i>Is there a way to integrate an upload button into the WP File Download display so that they're able to uplo...</i><b>有沒有一種方法可以將上載按鈕集成到WP File Download顯示屏中,以便他們可以上載...</b>
<i>In your features list you state: File upload form Generate a custom file upload form and insert it anywhere on your website.</i><b>在功能列表中,您需要聲明:文件上傳表單生成自定義文件上傳表單,並將其插入網站上的任何位置。</b> <i>You users will be able to submit files and you can select the destination of the files in order to make a review before p...</i><b>您的用戶將能夠提交文件,並且您可以選擇文件的目的地,以便在發布之前進行審核。</b>
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