使權限適用於``管理文件''菜單.https://www.joomunited.com/component/uvdeskwebkul/viewticket/ 1632 ...
文檔確實說“第二個選項是直接將Google Drive媒體嵌入到您的內容中。在這種情況下,將從Google Drive而不是從服務器加載媒體。”但是我被告知這不是它功能。準備...
<i>I have one question I have two websites and they will both use the exact same media library.</i><b>我有一個問題,我有兩個網站,它們都將使用完全相同的媒體庫。</b> <i>Can I do that with some Google drive sync and WP Media Folder or is this not possible at all?Now I do put all of my media to one website but I need the...</i><b>我可以使用某些Google驅動器同步和WP Media Folder來做到這一點嗎?還是現在將所有媒體都放到一個網站上,但是我需要...</b>
<i>BACKGROUND TEXT COLOR DOESN'T WORK.</i><b>背景文字顏色無效。</b> <i>SEE ATACHMENT.</i><b>請參閱附件。</b> <i>PLEASE HELP...</i><b>請幫忙...</b>
<i>BACKGROUND COLOR DOES NOT WORK.</i><b>背景顏色無效。</b> <i>PLEASE HELP.SEE ATACHMENT...</i><b>請幫助。請參閱...</b>
<i>Hello,I would like to know if it's possible to filter in category filter in my maps location with flexicontent's multiple categories.</i><b>您好,我想知道是否可以在flexicontent的多個類別的my maps location使用類別過濾器進行過濾。</b> <i>I explain : I have items with multiple categories in flexicontent.</i><b>我解釋一下:我的項目具有多個彈性類別。</b> <i>Is it possible to filter with all categori...</i><b>是否可以使用所有分類過濾...</b>
<i>NOTE.</i><b>注意。</b> <i>I was told to write here after writing to support chat.</i><b>有人告訴我寫這篇文章是為了支持聊天。</b> <i>So the question under here I more if there is a way to custom implement this or if you will consider implementing my suggestion in Dropfiles Hi I have an, for me, essential pre-sales ...</i><b>因此,在這裡的問題是我是否有一種可以自定義實施此方法的方法,或者您是否考慮在Dropfiles實施我的建議。嗨,對我來說,基本的預售...</b>
hiplease告訴我是否可以進行以下操作:1)作為管理員,我創建了10個文件夾,其中4個對具有特定角色的用戶可見, 6個僅對我可見。 2)我可以創建僅對管理員可見的文件夾嗎?
<i>Ciao a tutti.</i><b>喬圖蒂。</b> <i>Ho provato a cercare fra le varie pagine ma non ho trovato risposta alle mie domande, che quindi vi espongo di seguito:è possibile suddividere in file per categorie e sottocategorie e quindi decidere di visualizzare, in ogni pagina ...</i><b>您可以通過多種方式獲得一份醫療保險,一份是一份文件,一份是一份文件,一份是一份關於視覺的文章,請注意...</b>
<i>Good morning, I wanted to know if is possible to send an email notification for the files synchronized with microsoft oneDrive .</i><b>早上好,我想知道是否可以發送與Microsoft oneDrive同步的文件的電子郵件通知。</b> <i>The idea is to send an email to the category owner and sinchonize the files using MS OneDrive .Thanks so much...</i><b>這個想法是向類別所有者發送電子郵件,並使用MS OneDrive壓縮文件。非常感謝...</b>
<i>Hi , I am developing a specialist website to sell word document downloads of legal precedents, on a one off purchase and also subscription, so that there would be headings and sub-headings - see below.</i><b>嗨,我正在開發一個專業網站,以一次性購買和訂閱的方式出售法律先例的Word文檔下載,這樣一來,標題和子標題就會出現-見下文。</b> <i>Your product WP Download looks good.</i><b>您的產品WP Download看起來不錯。</b> <i>Could I use...</i><b>我可以用...</b>
Olto a dodos.Estou criando umaáreado cliente,onde nestaáreaseráenviado osrelatóriosdo cliente,entãosãoarquivos privados eserãoarquivos diferentes para cada cliente。
<i>I'd like for all of my participating members to upload their images to their own folder regardless of how they upload their images.</i><b>我希望所有參與的成員都將其圖片上傳到自己的文件夾中,而不管他們如何上傳圖片。</b> <i>Specifically this would be for bbpress and buddypress which are the default forum/social plugins for WP that specifi...</i><b>具體來說,這將用於bbpress和buddypress,這是WP的默認論壇/社交插件,用於指定...</b>
早上好,我已經安裝了Dropfiles ,我想知道是否可以通過FTP上傳文件,以及它們可能位於哪個文件夾中。謝謝Enrico ...
Hi1 /請告訴我“限制”是什麼意思https://prnt.sc/vn9abva)用戶將看到此文件夾,但無法登錄b)用戶將看不到此文件夾...
<i>Hello .. Please please enable GOOGLE DRIVE FOLDER SHORTCUTS feature.</i><b>您好..請啟用GOOGLE DRIVE FOLDER SHORTCUTS功能。</b> <i>Since in the front end wherever a shortcut is added the spinning wheel appears.</i><b>由於在任何添加快捷方式的前端,都出現了紡車。</b> <i>We can not keep same data in 2 folders or more & make changes to both of the each time.</i><b>我們不能將相同的數據保存在2個或更多文件夾中,並且每次都不能更改它們。</b> <i>That's wh...</i><b>那個...</b>