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<i>hi.</i><b>你好</b><i>is it possible remove first vote in the rating that admin add that?</i><b>是否有可能在管理員添加的評分中刪除第一票?</b> <i>because first score by admin effected on total score.</i><b>因為管理員的第一分會影響總分。</b> <i>is it possible to disable that or effect of that on the total score?</i><b>是否可以禁用該分數或對該分數的影響?</b> <i>more describe: my mean is first admin vote in the bac...</i><b>詳細描述:我的意思是在bac中首先進行管理員投票。</b>
請這樣做,以便您也可以從Cloud Storage跟踪統計信息。...
<i>We have an all volunteer organization.</i><b>我們有一個全志願組織。</b> <i>One of our group has made a number of PDFs and PowerPoint presentations that are stored in his personal DropBox account.</i><b>我們的一個小組做了許多PDF和PowerPoint演示文稿,這些演示文稿存儲在他的個人DropBox帳戶中。</b> <i>These files are updated periodically.</i><b>這些文件會定期更新。</b> <i>We have a Joomla website and are interested in a way...</i><b>我們有一個Joomla網站,並且對某種方式感興趣...</b>
<i>Hello, I am looking for a solution that would allow me to have a OneDrive synced folder (or any supported cloud service) in my personal filesystem.</i><b>您好,我正在尋找一種解決方案,使我的個人文件系統中具有OneDrive同步文件夾(或任何受支持的雲服務)。</b> <i>It would be set up like "Folder/Subfolder/filename" and I want that to synchronize with a...</i><b>它會像“文件夾/子文件夾/文件名”那樣設置,我希望它與...同步。</b>
<i>Hello, Would be great to have a built in contact form for users to send emails to an email address contact.</i><b>您好,如果有一個內置的聯繫表單,供用戶向電子郵件地址聯繫人發送電子郵件,那將是很棒的。</b> <i>An option to send a message to the location email address using the site's email function behind the scenes would be great.</i><b>在後台使用站點的電子郵件功能將消息發送到位置電子郵件地址的方法非常有用。</b> <i>At the moment ...</i><b>在這一刻 ...</b>
<i>Hi, I have a license for file download and I love it.</i><b>嗨,我有文件下載許可證,我喜歡。</b> <i>I want to offer my visitors downloads.</i><b>我想為訪客提供下載。</b> <i>I am using restricted content pro for memberships and divi as a theme.</i><b>我正在使用受限內容專業版作為會員資格和divi主題。</b> <i>I am not sure how to build a download site similar to stockagencies.</i><b>我不確定如何建立類似於庫存的下載站點。</b> <i>any ideas?</i><b>有任何想法嗎?</b> <i>My f...</i><b>我的...</b>
HI發表a) joomla短文章類別A => twitter,b)較長的文章, joomla類別B => facebook ...
<i>Possibility to turn off Open Graph tag if someone already usa another plugin to do that.</i><b>如果有人已經使用另一個插件來關閉Open Graph標籤,則可以關閉它。</b> <i>Thanks...</i><b>謝謝...</b>
<i>Hi, I just bought the WP team display module for wordpress .</i><b>嗨,我剛買了WP team display的wordpress WP team display模塊。</b> <i>Can we have a theme without pictures?</i><b>我們可以有沒有圖片的主題嗎?</b> <i>a waiting for your answer best regards, NR...</i><b>恭喜您,NR ...</b>
嗨1 /我將發表許多文章,但並不是所有文章都會對發布有用,如果條件為真(例如,自定義字段或其他條件),我們是否可以授權自動發布2 /您是否集成了使之成為可能的代碼分配...
<i>Hi there, is it possible to change the layout of the slider gallery of the wmf gallery add-on to be in 2 rows and 5 column?</i><b>您好,是否可以將wmf gallery附加組件的滑塊畫廊的佈局更改為2行5列?</b> <i>Basically I want to always preview 10 images.</i><b>基本上,我想始終預覽10張圖像。</b> <i>I would appreciate any help with this.</i><b>我將不勝感激。</b> <i>Thanks...</i><b>謝謝...</b>
<i>I just bought your WP Media Folder Extension (and all other plugins as a bundle ).</i><b>我剛剛購買了WP Media Folder Extension(以及所有其他插件作為bundle )。</b> <i>But I am a bit disappointed now or I understand something wrong.</i><b>但是我現在有點失望,或者我了解一些錯誤。</b> <i>My basic need was to import perfect prepared images with correct titles AND THE ALT-TEXT, that wordpres...</i><b>我的基本需求是導入帶有正確標題和ALT-TEXT的完美準備圖像,即單詞呈現...</b>
Bonjour,J'ai une要求客戶提供法律服務,d'oùmes問題資產要求:首要問題(àtout hasard):不能提供給未來的採購部門嗎? Deuxième點:D'abord,si j'ai ...
<i>Hi there, is there a way or workaround to export or print the results of a location search for the frontend user?</i><b>嗨,有沒有辦法或解決方法為前端用戶導出或打印位置搜索結果?</b> <i>We offer My Maps Location to users on our website to show them the companies in their region where they can apply for a job and we wo...</i><b>我們在我們的網站上向用戶提供“ My Maps Location信息,向他們顯示他們所在地區的公司,他們可以在此申請工作,我們希望...</b>
Bonjour,Il yadéjàeu plusieurs質疑有關的lesvidéos。 J'aimerais savoir si n'est toujours pas d'envoyer desvidéosquiéviénénédu quiservant ou du PC local vers labibliothèqueDroppic。 Nous ne travaillons pas sur Internet ...
<i>Hello is the spain map available with regions or provinces?</i><b>您好,西班牙地圖提供地區或省份嗎?</b> <i>for Linky Map exemple : https://ontheworldmap.com/spain/spain-provinces-map.jpg regard Clement...</i><b>對於Linky Map :https: Linky Map考慮到Clement ...</b>
<i>Hi team, When we search a file through search engine, then when we click on file name, we don't have the possibility to see where the file is stored (the parent's file folder).</i><b>嗨,您好,當我們通過搜索引擎搜索文件時,然後單擊文件名時,我們將無法看到文件的存儲位置(父文件夾)。</b> <i>Because folders tree is hidden.</i><b>因為文件夾樹是隱藏的。</b> <i>Could be great and helpful to see ...</i><b>可能很棒並且有幫助看到...</b>