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<i>Hi, We would like to accomplish the following: We have multiple registered users;</i><b>嗨,我们想完成以下任务:我们有多个注册用户;</b> <i>we want to enable them to create and manage their own galleries at the front end.</i><b>我们希望使他们能够在前端创建和管理自己的画廊。</b> <i>We want to create menu items per year and allow the users to assign their own ga...</i><b>我们希望每年创建菜单项,并允许用户分配自己的菜单。</b>
在这里http://www.joomunited.com/support/pre-sales-forum/upload-file-front-end-and-define-access-level几乎无法回答类似的问题,我想知道注册用户是否可以上传通过前端,如果是这样的话,gal ...
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