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<i>Hi, When adding a gallery using the block " WP Media Folder Gallery" I have to manually set all the configuration for that gallery.</i><b>嗨,当使用块“ WP Media Folder Gallery”添加画廊时,我必须手动设置该画廊的所有配置。</b> <i>If I want to have the same settings in different galleries, I have to set them one by one.</i><b>如果要在不同的画廊中使用相同的设置,则必须一一设置。</b> <i>Maybe could be ...</i><b>也许是...</b>
先生,这是我自己的第一个完整WP网站(尽管我了解一些编程技巧),并希望将新闻小部件添加到我的网站中。 1)我可以在两个不同的页面上放置2种不同样式的同一小部件​​吗? 2 )我了解大部分...
<i>Hello, I have to mention some things that are a little anoying while working with Dropfiles at the backend: [*] Categoriy display the categories on the left side should be minimized when entering the backend.</i><b>您好,我不得不提到一些在后端使用Dropfiles时有些烦恼的事情:[*]类别显示在进入后端时应最小化左侧的类别。</b> <i>With maybe an option in the setti...</i><b>也许可以选择...</b>
<i>Hi, especially when we do an import from other sources (DocMan...), we have a lot of categories that we need then to update one by one for the access rights notably.</i><b>嗨,特别是当我们从其他来源(DocMan ...)进行导入时,我们需要很多类别,然后需要对它们进行逐一更新以显着提高访问权限。</b> <i>And the the sub-categories do not inherit well from the parent categories, so we...</i><b>而且子类别不能很好地继承父类别,因此我们...</b>
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