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<i>Hello JoomUnited, I read that you don't offer trials, however we're concerned if WP Media Folder will work with visual editors.</i><b>您好JoomUnited,我读到您不提供试用版,但是我们担心WP Media Folder是否可以与可视编辑器一起使用。</b> <i>Specifically, we're using the Ark theme that uses Fresh Builder.</i><b>具体来说,我们使用的是使用Fresh Builder的Ark主题。</b> <i>Do you know if WP Media Folder will load when trying to...</i><b>您知道在尝试执行以下操作时是否会加载WP Media Folder吗?</b>
<i>Hi, I'm using social backlinks to publish news articles to a facebook page.</i><b>嗨,我正在使用social backlinks将新闻文章发布到Facebook页面。</b> <i>The article contains an autogenerated thumbnail image from Simple Image Gallery Pro (by Joomla Works).</i><b>本文包含来自Simple Image Gallery Pro(由Joomla Works提供)的自动生成的缩略图。</b> <i>When the article is published to facebook, there is no image include...</i><b>当文章发布到Facebook时,没有包含图片...</b>
<i>How is it possible to connect an image/icon to each glossary entry which then can be displaed in the items list together with the entry?</i><b>如何将图像/图标连接到每个词汇表条目,然后将其与条目一起显示在项目列表中?</b> <i>How can SEO Glossary be etended with a simple tagging system, allowing to easily crosslinking related entries?...</i><b>如何使用简单的标签系统扩展SEO Glossary ,从而轻松交联相关条目?</b>
<i>I like this product very much.</i><b>我非常喜欢这个产品。</b> <i>It's a great Joomla Image gallery, but I missed caption feature on Single image in Article.</i><b>这是一个很棒的Joomla图片库,但我错过了Article中“单一图片”的字幕功能。</b> <i>It would be great to add captions on Single Image like in attachment.</i><b>像附件中那样在Single Image上添加字幕会很棒。</b> <i>Thanks Rimas...</i><b>谢谢里马斯...</b>
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