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<i>If someone creates a location in the frontend, he should only be able to use the marker that is assigned to the category.</i><b>如果有人在前端创建位置,则他只能使用分配给该类别的标记。</b> <i>He must also not be able to change the background of the marker....</i><b>他还必须不能更改标记的背景。...</b>
WP Media Folder附...
<i>I need to understand if your wp download plugin is suitable for my needs.</i><b>我需要了解您的wp下载插件是否适合我的需求。</b> <i>I need to create a section in a wordpress site, where a user can see ONLY the files he has the rights to see, divided by category (files are all pdf but i need to group by con...</i><b>我需要在wordpress网站中创建一个部分,用户只能在其中看到他有权查看的文件,并按类别划分(文件均为pdf,但我需要按...进行分组...</b>
可以一次复制类别和子类别。 可以将权限组一次放入多个类别/子类别中。
如何创建带有菜单的正方形网格画廊,以对图像进行分类,例如男人和女人。 您可以在这里找到一个示例。
<i>Hi, I'm looking for a feature where front-end users can select multiple files to download as zip.</i><b>嗨,我正在寻找一种功能,前端用户可以选择多个文件以zip格式下载。</b> <i>From what I see in your demo, the multiple selection is possible only inside the same folder/category.</i><b>根据您在演示中看到的,只能在同一文件夹/类别内进行多项选择。</b> <i>Is there a way to allow users to select file...</i><b>有没有一种方法可以允许用户选择文件...</b>
多个类别的简码。 使用简码,应该可以选择多个类别,因为并非您要提供的所有类别都始终位于同一文件夹中。
<i>It would be great to have the appropriate file count listed in wpfd-category taxonomy (File Categories) pulled from Cloud services.</i><b>最好在从云服务中提取的wpfd类别分类法(文件类别)中列出适当的文件数。</b> <i>This would allow the information to be pulled/displayed by other Wordpress components.</i><b>这将允许其他Wordpress组件提取/显示信息。</b> <i>Here is an image describing ...</i><b>这是一张描述...的图片</b>
<i>I'd like to use the tree theme, where I can browse my files by expanding categories one by one.</i><b>我想使用树主题,可以在其中通过逐一扩展类别来浏览文件。</b> <i>This can be done for a specific category, but not from root.</i><b>可以针对特定类别完成此操作,但不能从根本上完成。</b> <i>When using the [wpfd_category] tag without an id attribute (ie not displaying a single ...</i><b>使用不带id属性的[wpfd_category]标签时(即不显示单个...</b>
<i>I've configured WPFD to use a default theme when using the[wpfd_category] shortcode, so I don't have to setup all theme options every time I create a new category, and because I use the same theme most of the time eg Table theme.</i><b>我已经将WPFD配置为在使用[wpfd_category]短代码时使用默认主题,因此,我不必在每次创建新类别时都设置所有主题选项,因为大多数时候我都使用相同的主题,例如Table主题。</b> <i>But on 1 specif...</i><b>但是在1个规格上...</b>
<i>Hi This plugin looks great for my needs: I want to list the documents of a certain category, but I don't need the search engine / filters above the documents in the front-end.</i><b>嗨,这个插件很好地满足了我的需求:我想列出某个类别的文档,但是不需要前端文档上方的搜索引擎/过滤器。</b> <i>Is this possible?</i><b>这可能吗?</b> <i>Kind regards Stijn...</i><b>亲切的问候Stijn ...</b>
<i>I have a category page, but I do not see any SEO information like title or description.</i><b>我有一个类别页面,但是看不到任何SEO信息,例如标题或描述。</b> <i>I have entered them in the additional fields offered by each category.</i><b>我已经在每个类别提供的其他字段中输入了它们。</b> <i>How can I write them out - is there a shortcode like wp_meta_seo_description id=123 ...</i><b>我该如何写出来-是否有类似wp_meta_seo_description id = 123的简码...</b>
多重选择类别呢? 最好在搜索表单中选择多个类别以在地图上显示该选定类别中的位置。 为此使用标签是一种解决方法,但至少没有解决方案。 我认为...
在站点地图中,子分类的类别分类项目没有排序和缩进,就像它们在分类本身和类别导航小部件中一样。 因此用户看不到分层项目之间的关系,这令人困惑。
re:Cloud add-on将文件添加到多个类别(良好功能)时,只能在原始类别(不良功能!)中搜索它们。
<i>Hello, We have 2 pages using this plugin... https://www.informationsheets.co.uk/dunnes-stores/ https://www.informationsheets.co.uk/cleanline/ We need the search to only find documents on that page.</i><b>您好,我们有2个页面使用此插件... https://www.informationsheets.co.uk/dunnes-stores/ https://www.informationsheets.co.uk/cleanline/我们需要进行搜索以仅查找文档在该页面上。</b> <i>For example, if you go to - https://w...</i><b>例如,如果您转到-https:// w ...</b>
是否可以允许用户创建自己的文件夹并将文件从前端上传到其中? (作为菜单选项)我们希望允许用户在很大程度上管理自己的文件...。
<i>I have to share 1638 folders and 8270 documents.</i><b>我必须共享1638个文件夹和8270个文档。</b> <i>Do you really think I can create all folders manually ?</i><b>您真的认为我可以手动创建所有文件夹吗?</b> <i>No, not seriously.</i><b>不,不认真。</b> <i>So your first evolution of WP file download should be the ability to import whole categories structure directly from the ...</i><b>因此, WP file download的第一个演变应该是能够直接从Windows导入整个类别的结构。</b>
AND / OR页面草稿将显示在页面选择中,这样,如果您计划页面的话...
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