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Below are the all the features that are included in WP Smart Editor plugin. You can get more details on the features and integartions by visiting the main product page.

Features in WP Smart Editor

Time saving

Having the possibility of creating and re-use your own styles, buttons, bullets.. is really time saver

Table Manager Upgrade

Are you using more and more the tabe manager? Don't migrate to another solution, just upgrade WP Table Manager

Users and User Roles

Apply editor profiles per WordPress user or using WordPress User Roles for a set of users

Display HTML Tags

As an option it's possible to display all the HTML tags in the editor text view

Multi-lingual Ready

The plugin has inbuilt translation and you can create your own using the JU-Translation tool

Unlimited Custom Styles

Create and share with all your users the custom styles you've created


All the custom styles created are stored on an external CSS file, we're NOT using online CSS

Summary in one click

Insert and update your content summary in one click. It's based on title levels and can be stylized easily

Code Auto Completion

CSS code edition contain an auto completion system to avoid typo errors

Extension Update

Maintaining websites with plugins can be very painful because of license limitations. WP Smart Editor uses WordPress updater

File Manager Upgrade

Are you using more and more the file manager? Don't migrate to another solution, just upgrade WP File Download

Custom Tools

Select a set of editor tools per profile, for example remove the text coloration for certain users only

Plugin & Themes Code

Edit HTML code from WordPress editor with colored code

Highly Compatible

As the editor is an extension of the WordPress default one it highly compatible with other plugins

User Friendly

Configuration help texts, style preview, design make the plugin user friendly


Not sure about how to use the plugin for your website? Additionally to the support our team can help you with the editor questions you have.