WP Media Folder Gallery Feature

Create and update gallery from folder

WP Media Folder has an inbuilt gallery function that is fully integrated with the default WordPress gallery manager. You can create gallery from folder or from image selection right from your media manager.

Create a folder, upload images, create a gallery, select theme and options and you’re done!

Update a gallery

It’s never as easy as if it’s automatic, right? You can do that with a simple gallery option. If you add any image in the folder, the image will automatically appear in the gallery.


Masonry Gallery in Gutenberg

Masonry is a responsive gallery view with a fixed column size and an adaptable height. Create a gallery like you use to do in WordPress, select Masonry theme, the column number and you’re done, here the result. This one has been made in Gutenberg editor.

Portfolio Gallery

Have you ever need to create a custom page based on a gallery with link to post, page or anywhere else? The portfolio theme can be used to do that. It contains an image, a title, a description and like on all other gallery a possibility to override the image link.


Slider gallery

The slider theme for gallery allows you to slide with one or several images. The sliser is responsive and you still have options to make lightbox, link to single image, disable link or make custom links.


Video Galleries from WordPress Media

In WP Media Folder you have the possibility of loading remote video from Youtube, Vimeo and Dailymotion. You can manage them among your media and even create galleries including with images and video mixed

WordPress default gallery enhancement

The WordPress default gallery can be enhanced by adding lightbox on images or a custom link.


Gallery settings

Some settings can help you to fix witch custom image size will be available to be loaded in the galleries. usually those custom sizes are generating on plugin install.

Keep your images in order!

From the gallery settings you have additional parameters for image ordering like:

  • Custom order
  • Random order
  • Order by image title
  • Order by image upload date
  • Ascending and descending order for each

NextGEN gallery importer

We introduce a NextGEN gallery integration. You’ll be able to import NexGEN galleries as folders with images inside. So you can fully get back all your media content in your media manager and start creating amazing galleries from there. Plus, you have a button to make sync anytime from WP Media folder parameters.


Add lightbox on single WordPress image

The lightbox feature is also available on WordPress single images, as an option. Define a small and big (lightbox size) by image, then click on it to enlarge.


And it’s light!

The WordPress gallery manager is really better than an external gallery solution because you can use the same images all over the website. Images are loaded one time and no more. Plus, you can choose the image size in each gallery depending of your display ie. for a large width theme with 2 columns gallery, you can the medium size to have a good rendering, on a small theme with 3 columns, the thumbnail size is usually enough.

Working video demo