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  3. Wednesday, April 03 2019
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Hi folks,

I really would appreciate a nice feature:

As I (and surely many other users) have a lot of "unused" media in the library, it would be a very good idea to directly see, if an individual media file is in use (is linked) by Wordpress.

E.g. all used media could be marked by a dot/star or something else in the media browser.
To clarify understanding of my text, I have attached a graphic in which the 2nd and 3rd media file is used in Wordpress and the others are not.

Best regards and thanks for your nice product,

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Thanks for your feature request.
I understand completely the idea, the problem is the implementation though.
This means that we have to search though all database tables to check if the image is used or not, and it can require a lot of resources depending on the site size, number of posts, tables, etc...
Anyway we keep it in mind and will try to think about the best technical options.

Best regards
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