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  2. Pres-sale questions about WP Media Folder
  3. Tuesday, November 19 2019
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Tell please:
1) PDF/ZIP download links styling - are exist at version for $29 or $39? is it possible to make individual style for ANY files type or only for pdf/zip?
2) To use feature "folder with photos for WooC Product" admin needs to change-set all existed products? Then if any photo will be upload or replaced at that folder - it will automatically appear at assign product?
3) You ensure that your WP Media Folder are integrates with Elementor - so at ALL/ANY Elementor widgets even from a 3rd party like "PremiumAddons for Elementor" will be possible for photo galleries to chose a photo folders?
4) How such photo folders works? Is it just a tags for photo files? So each folder and files must have a unique name?
5) Why "PDF advanced embedded" includes in cloud addon? I'dont want even to install any cloud plugins-addons. Have you a description and demo of PDF advanced addon?
6) WP File Download is more like addon for a WP Media Folder? Or WP File Download have all features of WP Media Folder? Have a side-by-side comparison of they features because both of them have a "WP files manager" features?
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Thanks for contacting us here about this extension.

1. Yes, you can apply to any file types on your Media, and it's included in any package.

2. This feature is not possible now. You can create folders yourself

3. Yes, our plugin is integrated to Elementor. However, we have shortcode generator for Gallery, so you can insert any places on your site.

4. We just create virtual folders in WP Media folder. And we have tag for Gallery Addon only.
Folders do not have unique names; and you can change the title of files but the file name is unique.

5. It's actually on all our packages not only in Addon package. We will fix that in the Price table.

6. WP Media folder is for Media management only, WP Fie download will let your users download and preview files on frontend.

Hope it helps!
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Thanks for answers, some clarifications...

3. Shortcode means that Elementor gallery style and functionality will be represented only by your own plugin, so it NOT support 3-rd party Elementor addons and widgets??

2. So now your plugin does not have any feature to save time by assign to "WooC Products" and "Elementor 3rd party galleries widgets" an image folders which will automatically update images list if some image will be added to that folder? Why this feature now blocked-closed?? it exist at your plugin description! Will you re-enable it?

6. Highly recommend to make side-by-side comparison with screenshots to avoid missunderstanding.
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Thanks for getting back to me with more information.

2. Yes, it will be automatically updated images when you create a gallery from a folder.

3. That's right, it's not supported in our plugin currently. We will consider its popularity and user's demand in this case.

6. It depends on your purpose also. Files are uploaded to WP File download will be stored at another place.
I think it's so clear on our product pages, please go there for more information:

Thanks a lot!
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