Thursday, March 04 2021
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Hi Support,
for a larger E-Commerce project we would like to sync Dropbox with the WP Media library. I have a few pre-purchase questions:

1. We want to run a tool in the WordPress backend that looks at the image names and creates Alt-Text and Image Titles automatically, this saves us a lot of work. For SEO-reasons, it might get necessary, to rename existing image files. If one renames files in Dropbox the title of the image, I assume it will also be updated in the Media-Library. However, we would also like the mentioned script to see any changes: Renaming files should trigger the script to run again. How is the image update handled in your tool? Does renaming an existing image work as a replace operation, or does the renamed file add a new file to the database and the old version gets unassigned, but remains in the database?

2. We use Dropbox in the classic setup (all files are in the Cloud and synced with a local machine). Images on the local machine are managed with a TitleDAM. If we rename a file, we would always do this on the local machine, which immediately gets picked up by Dropbox in the Cloud-representation. Do you see any issues in this setup?

3. We use TitleAdminColumns as a vital tool to manage our inventory. Do you have any records in terms of compatibility of WP Media library with this tool? What happens if we purchase the tool and run into issues (severe, difficult to solve) with pre-existing plugins?

Thanks for your time!
more than a month ago

Thanks for contacting us here about this extension.

1. If you change successfully your filename on the Dropbox site or anywhere else,
It will be updated on WP Media library in our plugin. That's the replace operation.
Only the filename will be changed, the title, alt of images still remain as original.

2. Yes, it will be updated after running synchronization on WP Media library.
It works smoothly on our test site.

3. Our plugin is based on WP Media library, our plugin just creates virtual folders to manage.
So if the tool is working well on Media management, it should work well with our plugin.

Our dev will check and fix if there encounter any issues while using our plugin.

Hope it helps!
Kind regards,
more than a month ago
Thank you for your explanations and please excuse my late reaction! We have bought the plugin meanwhile but still have a few questions / functionality issues. I will open a support-ticket.
more than a month ago
Thanks for getting back to me with more information.

We have bought the plugin meanwhile but still have a few questions / functionality issues. I will open a support-ticket.

Yes, certainly. If you encounter any issues, please drop us a support ticket, our dev will help you detailly.

Thanks a lot!
Kind regards,
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