Sunday, February 14 2021
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I have a question regarding audio files, does this plugin allow me to treat audio files in my Google Drive as though they are in my WP media Library? To elaborate, see
These audio files exist in my WP media library, I am using the WP playlist which requires a list of audio id's like so
[playlist order="DESC" ids="2302,2301,2317,2324,2321,2425,2394,2429,2430,2372,2387"], so will this plugin allow me to replicate this functionality even though the audios will be stored on Google Drive?

Thanks for reaching out to us.
I need to run some tests on the plugin, can you send me the link of WP Playlist? I'm not sure about that.

7 months ago

I'm talking about the built in WordPress playlist functionality, it is not a separate plugin.

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