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  2. Pres-sale questions about WP Media Folder
  3. Thursday, November 14 2019
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I a little confused with your plugin and another similar plugin at WP.org:
1) Are that plugin is a free versions of yours or not?
2) Are both plugins manage the real physical file structure (images folders and URLs) or not?
3) What is the best way to assign many images to Elementor Galleries widgets - by folders or tags or....?
4) What frontend (for site readers) functionality your plugin gives?
5) Do you make a deep security audit to avoid backdoors or security holes for a easy hacking?
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Thanks for contacting us. This is a separated plugin that has an integration with our plugin.
As stated it uses the WP Media Folder (our plugin) and transform them into real physical folders on your server.

As per your questions:
1. There's no free version of WP Media Folder

2.Only WP Media FolderS (the WP.org version you mentioned) generates real physical folders but note that some of the features provided by our plugin may not be compatible with that.
More info: https://www.joomunited.com/support/faq/wp-media-folder/does-wp-media-folder-create-physical-folders-for-your-media

3. You can use folder, even multiple folder per image

4. Mainly the gallery features, the PDF preview, the file download button and the watermark.
You also have media access restriction per user or user group if you're talking about editors.

5. Yes we have internal good practice on "everyday" coding, PHPcs and a hundred of automatic testing when pushing each plugin version to production

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Overall your plugin are really good, but...

2. Right real "physical" URLs helps for SEO and for overall better and more useful media storage structure. URL's (storing paths) can be easily found and changed on media ordering at WP database - it's not a problem because stupid WP store all of them at one "Posts" table as all other crap. Absent of a such obvious and useful function at plugin for which you ask to pay every year - is a real shame!
5. So external security audit you also don't make. Again for annual payment sw it's a serious flaw.

You add many useful functions, but still cannot make fundamental base of your plugin... you must think about it for sure.
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We don't think image urls helps for SEO and that's one of the reasons why such feature is not implemented in our extension.

Also changing the url of an attachment is not as easy as you might think.
There is no just one line to change in the database, you also have to handle the thumbnails and all usages of the file path overall the database.
Searching over all columns and table in the database need a lot of computer resources that most of users don't have in their hosting.
Replacing file path is also subject to errors because we don't know how all plugins manage file path usage.
Is it stored under json format, serialized format, xml format, absolute or relative, ...?

We thought about it and we don't think the benefits worth the issues it could create.
But in any cases the WP Media FolderS plugin add this feature to our extension.

As Tristan explained we have internal procedures to prevent possible security issues, we also spend time to train our developers.
Most of external audits will run the same tests as we currently do.
As we add features regularly we should then make a new audit each time a new version is released.
A full audit of hundred of line of code has a cost, and our plugin prices will be impacted.
No one want to buy an extension twice the price because we run external audits on it.

Best regards
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All SEO info at internet strongly recommend to rename image files "physically" for better search, suppose that images URL's-paths also can be taken into account by search engines! Don't find any refutation of this.

In addition to this important moment, also absent of a "physical" folders renaming brings many problems:
- harder to synchronize with local folders which have "physical" structure;
- all structure will be lost on FTP whole folder copying;
- all structure will be lost on hosting or CMS transfer;
- impossible to work-understand where are which file by FTP or cPanel FileManager etc.

You make really best of the best plugin for WP internal image storage but with only 1 but totally improper decision - at least you must add a "physical" folder renaming as an option for sure!
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>>> Searching over all columns and table in the database need a lot of computer resources that most of users don't have in their hosting.
Yes, yes, also maybe you must search at all windows and linux of hosting at google servers etc?!?!
All main images have it's URL at DB at one place "posts" table and used by ID - so you need to change only 1 string.
>>>Replacing file path is also subject to errors because we don't know how all plugins manage file path usage.
"Plugins custom images" are NOT stored at WP main gallery.
If something wrong you can add a check or special button like "deep search at DB for this moved image links" and correct them semi-manually/semi-auto.
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You nearest competitor have this function of physical folders renaming and images moving:
https://codecanyon.net/item/wordpress-real-media-library-media-categories-folders/13155134 +
Descriptions says: "Reflect your WordPress Real Media Library structure into physical, avoid the mess that you see through your FTP."
Still I think that your plugin overall better. So now your turn to add this function to keep up! ;)
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So will you add this very important and useful functionality to physically rename folders (maybe as an option) at nearest month-two or not?!
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I have already explained that we don't think it's a good practice for a Wordpress website.
Even if you seem to think we didn't spend time to think about it, we did.
I will not argue more about the choices we do for our own product and for our customers.

You can use https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-media-folders/ which add this feature to our plugin.
As we have a lot of features in WP Media Folder, this plugin may not work all for all cases (I think mainly about cloud features, and ftp synchronization) and we'll not provide support for it.

Best regards
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