Wednesday, July 05 2017
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Before I order I want to make sure with wp file download and google drive addon I can:

1. Display a file browser on frontend with folders, files and sub folders as they are shown in Google drive without transferring to my website server.

2. Limit access to that front end file manager to specific users or user roles.

3. Download links generated for a file stored in Google drive is protected and require authorization if copied to another computer or a device with different ip.

4. My wordpress website server bandwidth wont be used if google drive addon is used.
more than a month ago

Thanks for contacting us here about this extension.
1. Yes, Folders and their sub will be displayed without transferring to your server.
2. Certainly, you can restrict user/group for single files or categories.
3. Sure, the download links will be protected.
4. Of course, files are read directly from Google Drive, it will not occupy your server bandwidth.

Hope it helps!
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