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  3. Sunday, December 08 2013
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Hello, I bought the component "sponsorship rewards" and installed it, but it just goes to a blank page when I click...I tried to send a support ticket but it said I need to subscribe...but I already have for $15 (today) and I am logged in. There is no option to upgrade without paying the full $25 again..since I found your product didnt work and I need your support...

There is no support forum, no FAQ and no other way to ask for help.. I am sorry if this is the wrong place :(

I am using Joomla 2.5.4 (Stable)

Anyone x
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Hi Anyone,

Yes it's normal, the support is not included in the $15 subscription.
But you need at least Joomla 2.5.6 to make it works and as an advice update to 2.5.16 for your security.

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Thankyou, the problem is fixed with the update :)

If you had an option to pay 10 balance to get the support, I would have paid this..maybe you could consider in future and at least make some money from us dummies xxx Have a nice Day
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No problem. We will add this possibility soon!
Have a nice day.

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