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The question is always but without response.

I'm intersted by SEO Glossary but integrated in Kunena 3.0 posts.

Is-it possible actually (it seems that not) ?
If not, is-it in the road map of SEO Glossary ?

more than a month ago

We thought about it but Kunena doesn't allow to use content plugin in post.
Maybe we should post a request to Matthias about that.

more than a month ago
Some news about this good idea "seo glossary in kunena"?
Best regards
more than a month ago
Hi Tristan.

The same for me : i'm interested by SEO Glosary but only with Kunena integration...

Why a Kunena event ?

I think that Joomla event onBeforeRender should be use for integration. No ???

Why not with a configuration possibility of HTML/CSS ID to integrate in SEO Glossary traitment.

Generaly all component have this own tag ID on their view.

This should be make SEO Glossary independant off the component no ?

I think that this should be a big +++ for SEO Glossary.

more than a month ago
À good idea :
A crossfunding to Add founds to create the plugin : kunena plugin for seo glossary ...
more than a month ago
I thought, SEO Glossary is already working with Kunena, because I can enable content-plugins in Kunena.
Unfortunatelly it does not work. To bad ... I wanted to use it in my whole community (EasySocial, EasyBlog, Kunena,...).
So any news on this one?

All the best, Julian!
more than a month ago

It's a point for the next version, with a Xmap plugin too. I will ping you when the developer starts the implementation!

more than a month ago
Hi Tristan.

Genial !

can you give us a provisional date of availability ?

more than a month ago
Not yet but I think we can start the dev this month.
more than a month ago

The same for me : i'm interested by SEO Glosary with Kunena integration...:)
Great News!!!!!
Arnaud ;)
more than a month ago
Hi Tristan,

great. ;-)

One more question, that might be very interesting for Kunena:

I just realized that terms with multiple words are handeled "by the smallest word".
For example: When I have "Joomla" and "Joomla Convention" in the Dictionary, "Joomla" will be linked and "Joomla Convention" will be ignored.

In a normal article I have to take care that I create the entrys correctly, but in Kunena, where thousands of users post theire comments, this will be a mess. So is it possible to change this in a way, that first the "longest" term will be used, and only if it is not present, the smaller terms can be applied?

Do you understand what I mean or am I too confusing?

All the best, Julian!
more than a month ago

Back to the topic, it works with Kunema if you configure the Kunena system plugin like attached.
SEO glossary can be called in Kunena title/content.

more than a month ago
Yes, I can confirm it, it works.

But ... using the Glossary in the Forum brings up the above problem: Too much combinations.
Is there any way to determinate the order in which a term is processed? I give you another example:

A user writes about the "President of the United States" and about the "United States". Bouth words are also Terms in the glossary.
Now the Glossary processes "United States" first and then ignores the "President of the United states". I think it should be the opposide: First process the "long" variation, and if it´s not found then the shorter one.

Can you just tell me if there is any logic behind it in the moment?

All the best, Julian!
more than a month ago
Hi Julian,

I don't have that, the long expression is activated in priority. I think expression you do not exactly similar words.
Please check attachd (text is fake :)

If you still have problem, please drop us a ticket about that.

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