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  3. Wednesday, November 07 2012
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I saw a SEO Glossary installation. The page numbering from SEO Glossary nannot be switched-off, what causes problems when the template has its own numbering...

Can it be switched off in SEO Glossary?
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You may be able to fix the number of entries per page in order to disable the pagination.
Anyway, SEO Glossary is using Joomla standard pagination witch shouldn't be broken by the template.

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normally one can make the settings, but the way SEO Glossary is integrated into the navigation doesn't offer the options like the other menus have.

I use Gruve from Joomlashine as template. I switched off the normal pagination to use the one built in in Gruve. It seems that I cannot switch the pagination off in SEO glossary. Secondly, the layout of the pagination from Gruve is broken in SEO glossary.

I attached two screenshots showing this.
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I guess it's a css "conflict" between our pagination and your template.
Without a URL, will be hard tell you more :)

Please use the ticket system for support.

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