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  3. Monday, April 06 2020
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Hello Team,

Can we add custom fields to this extension? I would like to have the ability to add custom fields (Drop Down Menus or text fields, radio options, etc) and also ability to display values captured in the custom fields in the details of the Glossary Item.

I am planning to use the tool as a Baby Names Listing tool where I need to display a form in the front-end with these custom fields so that users (without registering) can submit the names in the tool. Also, we would like to know if there is an approval process i.e. if the user submits a name, we need it to go through a manual check before publishing.

Kindly let me know if this is doable.

Best Regards,
Syed H
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@Syed H
approval system is there in seo glossary.
but we have no support of custom field yet.
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any luck of custom field yet.
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@Syed H
We are based on simple mvc based joomal pattern.
You can add any field using that .
Seoglossary need to be as fast as we can and we dont want to add additional database of custom field in it.
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