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  3. Wednesday, August 01 2018
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Is integration with virtuemart available?

If it is, can you please let me know the integration features?

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virtue mart is not supported yet in my map locations.
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Hi, I got an email about a new release of My Maps Location. Any chance it supports Virtuemart now?

I currently already have vmvendor, geommunity, geolocator plugin for virtuemart by nordmograph:



So I already have database tables containing the geolocation data of virtuemart products. I am wondering whether I can link this to My Maps Location?
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This is now possible to do integration.
we have added com_custom in our extension.so in menu manager you need to select custom component.
We added unique concept of helper override so you can overwrite our helper in your template.there are 2 function in it
//in this you can write your sql query
in this you can add hyperlink.
Feel free to create ticket so we can help you on that further.
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Hi Alax,

Thanks for your reply. Great to know that it is now possible to integrate, I'm excited! I will purchase the extension and try to integrate it myself first. I will create a ticket if I need further help, thanks!

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