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  3. Monday, October 29 2018
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a/I need a quick response to google maps module to openstreetmap modules with your component
Is it possible ? Is there a tutorial?

b/Is it compatible with easyProfil
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3 / do you have or are going to make an openstreetmap custom fields.
I use the EasyProfil component that recognizes the custom fields of joomla
It would be interesting to have a field address filled by the member and that we can have on a map!
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yes open street map is available now in my map location in latest version.
in configuration of my map location you need to select open street map in autocomplete.
Then in menu/Modules plugin you need to select open street map.
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usable maps in your module, we agree?
thank you for answering questions 2 / and 3 /
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openstreetmap is working with our extension.
easyprofile is not supported yet in our extension.
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Yes it would be nice if this could be implemented with integration with ie EasySocial and EasyProfile,,then its interesting to use for Joomla users ;)
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