Thursday, January 09 2014
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For a Joomla 3.2 site without K2 integrated I'm considering to use My Maps loation. What I need is:

- several maps, for example on map1 I want to show all stores in the Netherlands, on map2 I want to show all the stores in UK etc
- search possibilty to search for certain branches or categories. For example: on the map showing all stores in the Netherlands, I want to narrow the results by selecting a branch or category, for example 'only show the stores selling tools (branche or category=tools).

So basic question is 'is it possible to use nested categories?'. If it is I assume I can make a category Netherlands with the needed sub-categories as tools etc.

If nested categories isn't possible, how can I achieve what I need and described above?

Thanks in advance for your reply!

Kind regards,
Jacqueline Vreugdenhil
more than a month ago

If I understand your requirement you need to nee to put location in categories and show/search in those categories of location.
That's possible.

You can create categories but not "nested" categories (sub-categories)

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