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  3. Thursday, September 01 2016
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thank you for your reply but maybe yesterday i didn't explain well.

I don't know if i'm doing right: i copy here your answer and i ask you more:

Thanks for contacting us here about this extension.

so what i need to do is to create my own list of countries and regions. Is that possible?

Yes, certainly. You can create as many categories as possible.

Numbers of map: i can create as many maps as i want choosing if they have to display all the locations or a specific locations category and then display them on different pages adding different module: right?

Of course, you can.

is the map design responsive?

Yes, it is.

is it possible to require the administrator validation before publishing them?

Only Super Admin and Administrator can access back-end and create locations also.

Hope it helps!

Talking about countries and regions you answered me that i could create as many categories as i want but that was not what i mean. I need to create a three level search filter: the first level is categories like restaurants, pubs, parks and so on; the second level is countries and regions: for example in England, countries could be Humberside, East Anglia and Sussex while regions could be in Sussex Kent, West Sussex and East Sussex; the third level is tags: for example with garden, friendly for children, expensive and so on.

So with the first level i assigne an item to a category like restaurant, then with tags i could say that this restaurant has a garden (wich is something i could say also for a pub for example) and with countries and regions i want to limit the search to a countries like Sussex or to a region in Sussex like East Sussex only.

What is important for me is the possibility to create my custom list of countries and regions not in categories: i mean in the video on the demo site when the filter of country state dropdown is activated i can see in the country options France and in the state options Languedoc-Roussillon. Are theese options something wich i could create as i want or is it something wich comes from Google or from any other predefined list? The problem is that i need to create custom areas wich don't belong to real countries and regions and so i need to know if this is possible.

Talking about frontend location submission in the demo site it seems that locations can be added from the front end for users with some permissions but in your answer you tell me that only super admin and amministrator can access to the backend and load new locations. So adding locations from the frontend is possible for registered users or not? What i would like to reach is that registered users can add locations from the frontend filling a form with all the informations required for one location: is that possible?

Thank you very much.

Have a nice day,

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For countries and region you need to create external url and there you can pass country and id in request variable to sort only for specific country.
Filters are already there for category and tag and country list so there is no issue in it.
Front end submission if proper ACL is provided is working well.if you like registered people to create location yes you can do that as well.
i hope this help as well.
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thank you very much for your answer.

I'm sorry for being so stupid but i don't understand well what i have to do to create a custom countries and regions list: what do you mean by you need to create external url? And by you can pass country and id in request variable? How can i do this?

Thank you very much,

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Let me give you example
If I have to get data related with France I can just pass France in country list variable.same fr state you can add state_list in url.
If you find issue after purchase please create a ticket for us so I will cross check it
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thank you very much.

I've already bought the product: now i'm going to try it and if i need some help i will open my personal ticket.

Thank you very much.

Have a nice day,

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I am so thankful for your kind trust on our extension.
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