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  2. Pres-sale questions about My Maps location
  3. Tuesday, June 30 2020
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I am interested to purchase “my maps location”. I need a clarification: can my maps location, geotag a joomla article to activate like location that it can be searchble by my maps location module (like K2 integration)?
If so, are the custom fields of the joomla article is also searchble? (if I understood correctly my maps location uses joomla custom fields anyway).
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we dont support core in custom field search but you can do that using customization of extensions.
In k2 we have support to geotag and k2 is working perfectly with our extension.
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OK, figured. But before searchble joomla core fields, my maps location should geotag the joomla article. It may;
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@ miltosz
Our api is highly customizable and we can guide you how to make things as per your requirements as well.it can be template override and helper override of our api.
that way we will make it working to ue with custom field whether its k2 or joomla articles.
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Thank you for the reply. We will get in touch soon.
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