Saturday, December 28 2013
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Hi, I assume the function of the "geo-locate me" button should be pretty self-explanatory but I tried it on my Android with "location service" enabled and your demo always returns "no results"!?

I would be interested to allow a website user who has a GPS-enabled smart phone to submit his current GPS location (long/lat) and I assumed that feature should allow that!?

Is it not working or do I misunderstand that feature?

more than a month ago

Yes it does of course it works with an android or any terminal with GPS. We are currently updating the demo website witch is using an old version of MML.
In this old version the distance was limited at 100 mi/km from the nearest location that's why you get no results I guess. In the latest version you can choose the distance you want or put no limit.

Hope it's clear.

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