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  3. Monday, November 25 2013
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I buy this program, but when i use it for a french map, i have this message :
"Error 404 - Not found - The required file was not found. He can involve a technical error. Please re-try later. If you cannot reach the file after several attempts, it means that it was deleted."
It's not cool :(
Thanks for your answer
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Everything seems to works here for France.
Can you please post a ticket?

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I buy it without ticket support... but if it's ok for you, i think the problem is on my installation ( for information, the preview is OK but it's doesn't work on line. i use joomla 3.2)
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Yes please post a ticket even if you haven't got the support.
I've open it for you.
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thanks, i post a ticket
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the problem has been resolved, i could not use it because of a configuration error on my server...
Thank you to the support services
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