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  2. Pres-sale questions about Linky Map
  3. Monday, 04 February 2019
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Hello! I can't find the maps I created in the Vector Maps Directory ( and sorting also works very badly : https://c2n.me/3ZArN3q

It also does not work the removal of the card and the removal from publication.
Here ( https://www.joomunited.com/changelog/linky-map-changelog ) you write that this problem is fixed, but it still does not work for me. Maybe there was no automatic update to Version 2.3.6 ? How do you figure that out?
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can you please drop us ticket on ticket support.i am working on newer version and will update you on this.
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Looks like an update problem maybe.
Could you drop us a support ticket with access so we take a look at that?

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