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  3. Sunday, February 21 2016
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I work on websites for areas of Tennessee... such as towns, counties and specific areas of the state of Tennessee defined by contiguous counties. Is there a way to have a map in LinkyMap that shows specific counties with a link to that county's website or even a list of locations in the county? I want to make only certain counties linkable. I went to Google Maps and found the map of Tennessee which shows the counties, but you can only click on one county at a time. However, all counties in the state are clickable. I need a map that the user could select only specific counties, then link to that county's information or even a map of the county, or even linked to My Maps.

Love this component, just would like to be able to go deeper than just a state in the USA. I've attached an image I took of what I can get in Google Maps that I want to use in the websites for counties or even a group of counties. I hope I've been clear in my question.

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Currently geochart are not that deep.
but you can try highmap.using highmap you can eaisily achive this.please look at there demo:-
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