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  3. Monday, March 23 2015
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I'm new to Joomla so I'm still finding my way around and we are in the process of migrating my blog over. I have a number of article product reviews I have written and I'd like to make them look better and give the products I have reviewed a rating. Would your extension let me do this retrospectively?

I'm mainly interested in an "editors rating" or in other words the "article author" only of a product being able to rate it by using several parameters to make the article look more credible. Would Item Rating the right extension to use for this?

I see you guys have a good amount of information about Item Rating but it's difficult to visualise it because I can't find any examples of how it works or looks within an article as an editor only rating/review.

Any extra info would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
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Hi Mark,

The problem is that is you'll need to do some database change tom transform and import your old reviews.
For the review access feature, Item rating have several limitation. You can define the Joomla user Group witch is allow to vote or allow only vote for admin. If you lock only vote for admin and set Joomla ACL to allow only own article edition it should work.

Indeed I need to update the demo, I'll do that on the next version.

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Hi Tristan,

ok so to clarify I can't attach an item review to an existing article? I would need to make some type of database change for this particular category so the articles can be integrated with IR properly - is that correct?

Anyway, it seems like there's a way to work around - I'll probably need to purchase the extension and play with it to understand more.

Thanks mate :)
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No no ratings are linked to article of course, I mean import your old review.

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Ok mate thanks!
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