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  2. Pres-sale questions about Item rating
  3. Tuesday, December 01 2015
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1. Is there an option to count just votes? Not how many stars or percentages I can give. Not like and dislike option. Just a vote.

2. Is there an option for custom image or Font Awesome icon?

3. Can this plugin be translated (front-end)?

4. Does this plugin support multilingual sites? Example: an English article will have 5 votes, German article will have 4 Abstimmungen.

Thank you for quick response.
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Thanks for contacting us!

1. You mean just display of person who voted? This is not currently possible
2. Not yet, but font icon is something very interesting to be implemented and we have planned to do that
3. Yes it is
4. Yes

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For no. 1 I mean that somebody can vote or no. No other option. No option for like/dislike, no option for rating (how many stars, ….). Just simple vote.

To that we can count how many people voted for particular item. So on a page will be a button (or something) and you can vote or no. Next to the button (or something) it will be number of current votes.

Is this possible?
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I'm sorry this is not possible.

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