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  2. Pres-sale questions about Item rating
  3. Wednesday, April 08 2015
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I have a couple of questions before buying.

- Does Item Rating work with JomSocial 4?
- Is it possible to rate a JomSocial Profile?
- Is it possible to have 3 items on each Jomsocial profile?
- Is it possible to make the average of the 3 items on each jomsocial profile?

Thanks in advance.
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hi Guipse,
Our plugin work like normal plugin of joomsocial and follow the position that are allowed in joomsocial.
Till date it is working perfectly with item rating
please create a support ticket if you find any issue.
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Does it works rating a jomsocial profile?

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Yes it works OK with joomsocial profile
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can you post a picture of a profile that can be rated... thanks!
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