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  3. Thursday, December 17 2015
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Hello...in my web site http://www.petnav.gr we are using dj-classifieds. we would like to know if your item item can cooperate with this component. also what we are looking is if there is mail notification for every made review. the difficult part is we need not only the administrator to be notified but also the person is getting the review, in our case the author of the dj-clissifieds item. we have to user groups one "simple user" and one "professionals". professionals user groop are those how are listed in our website. every time a simple user is leaving a review or rating relevant "professional" should ne notified.

for example https://www.petnav.gr/epaggelmaties/kallopismos-katoikidion-zoon/add/test-groomer-323

=> This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. should be notified via mail if a review or rating is left
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Currently we don't support dj classified
I have added on my to do list and I will update you asap
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