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  3. Thursday, March 12 2015
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I want to create dynamic chart with K2.
Does Droptable be able to create a pie chart with, for example, the number of elements in categories ?

Thank's for your help and sorry for my poor english... ;)
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You can't achieve that with droptables because it will require some custom request to the database.
Data are outside of our component.

I recommend you to use a component like Frabrik to do that.

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Thank's a lot for your reply Tristan.
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I find this really great component!
However, I would like to incorporate into my paintings, elements of different site databases ...
Would not have an idea without using Fabrik?
thank you
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To incorporate the elements from a Joomla database in a Joomla table using Droptables you'll need to code it.
You can't map any database tables to droptables, the data are too diversified.

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